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Brie-straberry ciabatta

Welcome to website of modern Finnish catering Gastro Kettu. GK founded 2019 and we have high quality experience of catering since 1990.

First class friendly service, high quality local products and amazing modern Finnish cuisine with warm hospitality is close to our heart. In our menu we also have traditional Finnish portions and full Finnish buffet.

We offer snacks and picnic services take away outdoors by order or full buffet delivery to grill place in wild nature or cottages. In our premium service, we also have chef service available. We have unlimited choices make your visit unforgettable.

Ask our delicious choices of Finnish products and menus

We know how amazing our wild nature can be and how enjoy it more. Enjoy clean, pure and wild nature outdoors and let us take care of you and your needs.

We are happy to offer also guided tours, activity and stay a night under sky in our beautiful national park. Don't hesitate ask more!